Leaked ‘One Piece’ Set Photos Offers First Look at Loguetown and Teases Gold Roger

New ‘One Piece’ set photo offers our first look at Loguetown and teases Gold Roger’s execution in the live-action adaptation.
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For a change of pace, we got some more set photos from the upcoming live-action adaptation of One Piece. So far, we’ve only gotten a glimpse of the boats from the production, but it seems we’ve gotten a new glimpse from one of the series’ most iconic locations from the East Blue Saga. Not only is it our first look at their take on Loguetown, but also a hint that this takes place during Gold Roger’s execution.

While there’s no confirmation that this is definitely Loguetown, the signs are the clearest hint. One proudly proclaims “Execution of Gold Roger the Pirate King” while another behind it seemingly states “Marine Hero Garp” and perhaps “Defeats Pirate King” but it’s a bit tough to make out. So, these signs hanging would imply they are currently busy filming the famous execution sequence.

Yet, there’s also a chance that these signs are still hanging there ever since that event, as the death of one of the greatest pirates who started an entire new era would still be felt years later. We recently learned that Taz Skylar and Jacob Romero Gibson joined production, but it’s strange they’d be involved with a flashback sequence. However, more photos have found tehir way online confirming this is Loguetown due to Gold Roger’s execution platform being constructed:

There’s a chance that they probably skipped straight to this episode to have the band together and then also film the execution while they’ve already built the set. Either way, the aesthetic for this town and the fact it’s a giant set as it is continues to show the production value of this project.

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