Taz Skylar and Jacob Romero Gibson Join ‘One Piece’ Production

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You’d think the news would stop coming for One Piece today, but that’s seemingly not going to end anytime soon. It was in the beginning of February when production finally started, especially as Emily Rudd, Iñaki Godoy, and Mackenyu joined the production to bring their iconic characters to life. Still, there were some important members of the cast missing, but luckily Taz Skylar and Jacob Romero Gibson have joined in the tradition of showcasing their chair with their respective characters’ name on it.

Skylar was the first to share his, even jokingly pointing out that he’ll surely take it home after they wrap up production. To be honest, no one can blame him as it would make for a great keepsake looking back at taking on the iconic role of the Straw Hat’s chef.

Gibson took a few more photos by sharing a close-up of his chair and himself. What stands out is that not only does he call himself “Captain” Usopp which is perfect for the character, but he also included a photo of a rather curious forest. It does hint that they may have started work on Syrup village’s arc and that’s the forest they escape from Jacko in the manga.

With this, the Straw Hats are finally united on the set even if it’s curious how Sanji fits into the story if they are currently working on Syrup village. Of course, they may also shoot a few scenes with Sanji teasing his upcoming appearance or simply only recently uploaded the images and have already been on set for some time. Still, it’s great to have the confirmation that the Straw Hats are finally together on set now.

Source: Instagram

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