Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Cast Slowly Start to Join Production

one piece cast set

At the beginning of the week, we finally got the confirmation that Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece is starting production. The team shared their excitement on Twitter and Instagram, but there was surprisingly nothing from the cast at the time. Luckily, throughout the week, the cast has been sharing their excitement with teases that they started work on the project.

First off, Emily Rudd, who was cast as the cat burglar Nami, shared a photo of herself in a One Piece t-shirt seemingly on the way to the production alongside a first look at the seat that has her character’s name on it. The previous announcement that productions tarted from Matt Owens and Steve Maeda was in a similar style with their on-set seating.

The future King of the Pirates, Iñaki Godoy, also followed the trend with him sharing a first look at his chair. So far, this is the only tease we got from the set, and it’s still uncertain if we might get an official look at their designs once production starts. I am a little sad that the seat doesn’t also include his signature straw hat that he’ll wear during filming.

What about the rest? Well, it seems that these two were the only ones to share that they have joined the set which is a rather curious surprise. Mackenyu hasn’t shared much from his time in South Africa – which led to a hilarious “Finding Zoro” campaign of Godoy looking for the actor – but it seems likely he might join at a later time. Productions aren’t forced to follow the story exactly, and they may be focusing on the Orange Town storyline first which mostly featured Nami and Luffy on their own before Zoro joined later on.

In regards to Jacob Romero Gibson and Taz Skylar, it seems they are still training and preparing for their time. Skylar recently shared an Instagram story of him getting ready to jump into an ice bath, which is commonly used to avoid muscle soreness. So, they might also follow suit with the chair image

Source: Twitter, Instagram, Twitter

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