Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Series Finds Its Fullbody and Chew

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It looks like it’s a One Piece kind of day. We kicked off the day with a special streaming event to tease the future of the franchise and even included the casting announcement of Peter Gadiot as Shanks. It seems that secretly some actors have also shared some casting announcements on their personal Instagram accounts that some eagle-eyed fans have noticed pop up online.

South African actor Jean Henry has shared that he’ll take on the role of Marine lieutenant “Double Ironfist” Fullbody, who we first meet in the floating restaurant Baratie. Sadly, he doesn’t include a first look at his costume, but it’s nice to see the character making his live-action debut. Hopefully, it also means he might have his ongoing story alongside Jacko in a future season.

That’s not all, as it seems that some time ago actor Len-Barry Simons also shared that he’ll take on the role of Arlong Pirate member Chew in the live-action series. Besides McKinley Belcher‘s Arlong, he’s the only other member of that Fishmen crew confirmed for the upcoming series. Here’s hoping he gets to keep the iconic lips.

The characters had minor roles in the original story, but it’s unclear if they might have expanded upon them. Arlong’s early casting announcement may tease that he could have an appearance earlier in the story, especially if they potentially want to set up events for the latter half of the season. Fullbody doesn’t appear until Baratie and he could potentially be teased as a prominent member of the Marines earlier on. All we can really do for now is speculate.

Source: Instagram

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