Closer Look at Iman Vellani’s ‘Ms. Marvel’ Costume Revealed During New Marvel Event

ms marvel iman vellani

It seems that there was a new event held on Marvel Studios’ upcoming projects in Thailand, as a fan account titled @marvel_thai shared some photos from the event. Long time Marvel fan and Thai actor Nanon Korapat was promoting the event where they teased some of their upcoming new live-action projects. Among them was a short panel teasing their Disney+ seires with a closer look at Ms. Marvel’s design alongside Moon Knight. It offers a better look at Iman Vellani‘s take on the character.

Most of her costume was hidden away in the initial trailer, but the high quality image taken does offer a chance to zoom in on the details. What is noticeable right away are the shoulder pads and the addition of some texture on her arms. Commonly characters get more details added to their characters once they enter live-action, as it makes them stand out more than a simpler color scheme outfit.

Sadly, they did not include a new look of Tatiana Maslany for She-Hulk’s upcoming series, but there was also a showcase for the upcoming film releases and only Doctor Strange was showcased. It’s unclear if they announced or teased anything, but it seems mostly like a general Marvel event for fans to talk about current projects. I will say, I do quite love the way they displayed the characters and wished they would use that over here as well.

Source: Twitter

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