Jamie Lee Curtis Talks Netflix’s Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Series

one piece jamie lee curtis

The Oscars have been overshadowed by the many events that transpired throughout the night, but it looks like the upcoming live-action One Piece series heading to Netflix got a bit of a promotion during the event. In an interview with actress Jamie Lee Curtis, she openly talked about the current production and hopes to see people watch it. Especially as she hopes to take on the role of Dr. Kureha in the second season, as she might be a little to old to tackle Nico Robin. Though as her favorite character is Tony Tony Chopper, it’s a perfect choice for her to play the character’s mother figure in the live-action series. The video comes courtesy of @loidyors

Her daughter Ruby Guest has mentioned in the past that her mother is interested in tackling the role, especially with her friendship with the voice actress of Chopper’s English dub, Brina Palencia. As they’re still busy with the series’ production on adapting the East Blue Saga, these characters wouldn’t become relevant until the second season that jumps into the Alabasta Saga where we meet them on Drum Island.

It’s a bit cut off, but she does say that people should make sure they watch it so that they will definitely get a second season and give her a chance to make that dream come true. There’s a lot of potential with the series introducing new fans to the franchise, and they are using the 25th anniversary of the franchise to promote it quite a bit. We just got the casting announcement of Peter Gadiot in the role of Shanks, and there might be more on the horizon.

Source: TikTok via Twitter

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