First Look at the Long-Rumored ‘One Piece: Odyssey’, Confirmed as an JRPG

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One Piece fans have been anxiously awaiting any news on the next One Piece-based game and it has finally been unveiled. The title One Piece: Odyssey has finally been unveiled with a full-fledged trailer. Not just that, but we also got the confirmation that it won’t be an action game but rather a JRPG featuring the Straw Hats at the center. The story will be written by the manga’s creator Eiichiro Oda, who also designed the supporting characters and creatures.

That is not all, as we also got a short producer interview teasing what the upcoming project has in store for players that have been long waiting for their change to dive into the next adventure:

The game looks promising and feels like many other modern JRPGs, especially the latest Dragon Quest game. It does seem like you can have three Straw Hats in your party at the same time, but it’s unclear if it’s more moving towards a turn-base style or something more aligned with Final Fantasy 7 or even its Remake. The world certainly looks promising, especially as you’ll have an entire island to explore.

The most interesting aspect is Jinbe’s noticeable absence in the story. We do hear his voice at the end and I wonder if you’ll also be able to recruit other characters from the One Piece world besides the Straw Hats to build your unlikely team of characters. Kid and Law could become additional characters and there were rumors this game would expand beyond it’s initial release. Plus, this is the longest development they’ve ever had on a game of the franchise, which hopefully hints at quite a bit of polish.

Source: YouTube, Twitter

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