‘Yellowjackets’ Peter Gadiot Joins ‘One Piece’ as Shanks

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Not too long ago, we got the first supporting cast for the upcoming One Piece live-action series in development for Netflix. Yet, we’ve still being wondering what exactly the future has in store for the series and in a new live-stream event called News Coo Online, we got the official announcement that Yellowjacket‘s Peter Gadiot will take on the role of Shanks of the Red Hair Pirates. He’s the iconic mentor that passes on his signature Straw Hat to a young Luffy after he ate the Gumo Gumo no Mi and inspired him to chase his goals.

They also revealed his special message to the fans on joining the project and sharing his excitement on tackling the role:

The actor might be a suprising choice for some, but he does radiate the kind of grounded energy that fits Shanks. Plus, he’ll have to carry a certain intensity later on when his role opens up and is highlighted as one of the strongest men in the Grand Line. We don’t know how they’ll tackle the character in the series and how big his role might end up being, but they could tease that there’s a lot more to him than one might expect at first. You really have to hand it to the actor though that he’s definitely excited and the fact he is currently filming makes sense after we spotted Shank’s ship being worked on not too long ago.

Source: YouTube, Twitter

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