Post-Launch Reveal Teased for Upcoming ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ War Table

Here’s a nice surprise. Marvel’s Avengers Beta has officially come to an end. All that is left is for the game is the official launch on September 4th. We were teased that a new War Table might be heading our way shortly before release. Sadly, we didn’t have any news when it would release. Also, what exactly we could expect from it. My personal hopes were to see some kind of tease of what post-launch content they have planned. Looks like my pleas have been heard, as a newsletter sent out via email confirmed that we will get the next War Table on September 1st with some major reveals.

The newsletter confirms some Day One reveals for the launch. Quite curious about what the progression system is that they reference here. Either way, what sticks out is the confirmation of our first look at the post-launch “season” titled Avengers Initiative. This was already teased during the Hawkeye reveal last month. We know that each character has their own story missions. I believe that they purposely call it a post-launch content season as it will be something unique from those character-specific missions. They also will unveil an additional post-launch playable hero. My best guess is that this character will be one of the clone characters like War Machine or She-Hulk that were leaked a few weeks back.

Source: Play Avengers, Twitter

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