‘One Piece’ Adds ‘Ozark’s McKinley Belcher, ‘Agents of SHIELD’s Jeff Ward, and More

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Finally, after a long wait, we finally got some casting news for the One Piece series. So far, we’ve primarily only known the main cast that will bring the Straw Hat Pirates to life, but the series has been surprisingly quiet on its supporting cast. Finally, the wait is over as the official Netflix Geeked account has unveiled the rest of the cast, and there are some interesting additions.

Some Marvel and Agents of SHIELD fans might instantly recognize Deke Shaw actor Jeff Ward. He’ll take on the role of Buggy the Clown, which is quite the role to tackle given his future recurrence. Ozark and The Passage actor McKinley will take on the iconic role of Arlong. Aidan Scott from The Kissing Booth 2 will play Helmeppo while Terra Nova‘s Morgan Davis will play Koby. Queenpin‘s Ilia Isorelys Paulino is playing Alvida while 300‘s Vincent Regan will play the Garp, the grandfather of Inaki Godoy‘s Luffy.

It’s quite the cast and there are still some big characters missing from the East Blue Saga, such as Don Krieg, Kuro, and most notably Shanks. There might be some actors they are trying to keep a secret, such as who will end up playing the Pirate King himself, Gol D. Roger. Still, it’s exciting to finally see some names that further solidify this project is truly happening. Hopefully, we get a look at the actors in their costumes.

Source: Twitter, Deadline

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