Baratie Has Been Sighted on Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Set

The Baratie has now been sighted in South Africa, as Netflix’s live-action ‘One Piece’ series continues work on the new series.
one piece baratie

The team behind Netflix’s One Piece series has been quite busy, as they have been not only filming but also recreating some of the iconic ships from the series. While the Going Merry has gone through the biggest change, most seem quite accurate to their manga counterpart. Luckily, some eagle-eyed passerby have noticed another iconic ship from the series in the distance, the Baratie.

While we don’t get a close look, that’s definitely the famous fish mouth of the Baratie. The shape of the ship is a bit different from Eiichiro Oda‘s design, as it does have more ship-like qualities in its base structure. Yet, they could still add on to build the rest of the ship. The mouth being open as it is may even tease the little battleship making its way out.

Zeff’s famous ocean-going restaurant is the main location for the Baratie Arc. While most of the stories take place on islands throughout the manga, Luffy’s fight against Don Krieg took place on the boat and the shipwreck surrounding it. Given his weakness of easily drowning once he’s in sea water, it made for an intense backdrop against one of the strongest foes he’s ever taken on.

Plus, this ship is also famously where Sanji joined, as he was Zeff’s adoptive son and learned his iconic kicking techniques from him. Taz Skylar, who will take on the role of the character, has already started production not too long ago as they seemingly were skipping to Loguetown in their production. If they are still working on the ship, it may be one of the last sequences they film. Especially if you consider that most of it takes place on the water, it may be the most difficult project to tackle.

Source: Reddit via Twitter

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