New ‘One Piece’ Set Photos Offer Best Look Yet at Going Merry’s Redesign

one piece going merry

There’s always some kind of change we have to consider when translating a medium into another. It’s one of the reasons there were some nervous about the live-action adaptation of their favorite anime. Yet, it also opens up the possibility to expand or build upon new elements, especially in ambitious projects like Netflix’s One Piece adaptation. We’ve gotten a tease in the past from set photos that some classic designs will get adapted, and a new look at the Going Merry confirmed it.

While the first ship to be revealed was a classically designed Going Merry, the Straw Hats classic ship. It was in the early days before they started production but a new look at the ship revealed some surprising changes, such as the goat figurehead seemingly screaming its way through the East Blue Saga. Some more set photos shared by @OP_Netflix_Fan has unveiled the best look yet and the Merry is definitely keeping its mouth open for the upcoming live-action adaptation.

There’s a lot of added detail to the ship, especially with the side arms that connect to the ship. The head with a constantly open mouth is certainly a curious direction, but they also added some more realistic ears to the design. It would be funny to find out the inspiration for the ship head was a sheep that just constantly shouted at the builders. Still, it’s a different experience seeing it on the set and then in the series. So, we’ll see how it looks once it releases on Netflix.

Source: Twitter

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