‘No Time To Die’ Eyeing a 90M International Opening Weekend

no time to die box office

It hasn’t been easy for the James Bond franchise. Like many others, it faced countless delays due to the pandemic. The final entry in Daniel Craig‘s time as the British secret agent is nearing and the new marketing push has been highlighting that moment where the story that started with 2006’s Casino Royale comes to an end. As the film is set to release this week, the box office predictions are in and it’s looking good. It’s set to release in 50 markets overseas, which includes UK, Spain, Mexico, Japan, and many more. Even with its older demographic, it seems likely the film might pull in around $90M internationally.

There’s always the chance this number can change, but for an early prediction it#s quite the win for the final entry. In the UK, it seems that Bond could be its biggest opening since the last summer before the pandemic started. Once the review embargo lifts, we’ll have a clearer picture of where the film is heading and if it manages to reach 2015’s Spectre‘s $123.5M. Currently, the film’s pre-ticket sales are even outperforming 2019 ‘s numbers by 10%.

We’ve been seeing more recovery by the box office weekly. Dune even opened to a very formidable $77M internationally and it won’t release in the US until October. The big question mark is always a China release, which the film secured for October 29th. It’s going to be interesting if the last Craig-led project will dominate the box office to sign off the end of an era with a bang.

Source: Deadline, Forbes

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