‘The Batman’ Holds Exceptionally Strong in 2nd Weekend as Uncharted Passes $300M

the batman weekend

The Batman has had an impressive hold on the box office in its second weekend, as the film managed to stick with a -51% drop with $66M. If you exclude the preview nights, it would stand at -41%, which is even more impressive. It’s now the strongest second-weekend hold, as it passed The Dark Knight’s -53% and even surpasses most of Marvel Studios’ holds which average at around 60%. It’s an impressive feat for a three-hour film as it now stands at $238.5M domestically.

The film already passed $400M yesterday and it currently looks likely that it’ll pass $500M by the end of the week. Keep in mind, the film has yet to release in China, which will give it another strong boost going into the end of the month. It still seems to be building towards a $1 billion run, especially with that holdover but the coming weeks might paint a better picture. Overall, the film is performing exceptionally and it’ll be exciting to follow.

Overall, it’s been a strong weekend as Spider-Man: No Way Home also is still building up towards $800M, as it currently now stands at $792.2M with a $4M intake over its 13th weekend. The other Tom Holland-led project Uncharted still held on to the second spot pulling in $9.25M over the weekend and now at $113.3M domestically. The film has now passed $300M worldwide and Sony is definitely happy with its performance. So, a sequel announcement might be in the near future.

Source: Deadline, Forbes

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