Marvel Studios Inspired Jonathan Kasdan’s New Idea for a ‘Solo’ Follow-Up

After playing a key role in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Qi’ra, played by Emilia Clarke has had an expanding role in the pages of Star Wars comics as the leader of Crimson Dawn. Writer Charles Soule made Qi’ra the focus of an unofficial trilogy of comic book events that take place between the events of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi that sees the character move out from behind the scenes to become one of the greatest thorns in the side of Emperor Palpatine.

Qi’ra was created by Solo co-writer Jonathan Kasdan, who is now making the press rounds promoting his Disney Plus sequel series, Willow. While talking to THR, Kasdan was asked if he believed Qi’ra might have a future on the streaming series. “I don’t honestly know”, answered Kasdan bluntly. “I’m always afraid to ask Kathy [Kennedy] because she can see right through me. She can see my desire to tell more stories there,” he continued. However, despite being unsure of what the future holds for the character, Kasdan isn’t short on ideas, including one that’s inspired by one of Marvel Studios’ most well-received projects of 2022.

But in recent months, I have been intrigued by the wonderful Werewolf by Night as a potential form of storytelling … So I would love to see Lucasfilm embrace a short-form novella version for telling some of their stories. That certainly seems like a place where future stories about those characters could live.

Jonathan Kasdan

Could Star Wars take a page out of Marvel’s book and start mixing in some Special Presentations on Disney Plus? Both Werewolf By Night and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special were praised and have given Marvel Studios something to think about in terms of perhaps using them more often. Given the relative overall success of Star Wars projects on D+, perhaps Kasdan’s idea might get some traction.

Source: THR

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