Marvel Studios ‘LOKI’ Confirmed to Feature the TVA’s Minutemen

Though production on the series is currently delayed, we’ve still got an interesting piece of news. IMDB shows (and for those that doubt it, I can confirm its accuracy) that the Minutemen, essentially the police force of the TVA, will have a presence in Loki with Marvel Studios stunt guru Chris Brewster portraying one of them!

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First appearing in Fantastic Four #352, the Minutemen are an armored corps of robots, clones and cyborgs used by the TVA to police the Timestream. Tasked with securing TVA headquarters and apprehending delinquents who are messing with timelines, the Minutemen have, on occasion, led by Justice Peace. For the purposes of Loki, you might be able to think of them as red shirts on an episode of Star Trek. As it stand now, Brewster will be joined by Isabelle Fretheim as Minutemen in Episode 2 of the series.


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