Richard E. Grant Joins the Cast of ‘LOKI’ in Mystery Role

Academy Award Nominated actor Richard E. Grant has joined the cast of the upcoming Disney Plus Marvel Studios streaming series Loki. Grant’s involvement in the production, which was first reported by Discussing Film, is reportedly a minimal time-maximum impact role with the actor on board for just one episode of the series’ first season.

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Curiously, the news of Grant’s casting comes shortly after rumors began to swirl that one of Marvel Comics greatest villains, Kang the Conqueror, would make his MCU debut in Loki. Over the years, Kang has appeared in many forms, but one quite suits Grant’s age and demeanor: Immortus. An older, more experienced version of Kang, Immortus first appeared in Avengers #10 as the Lord of Limbo whose main goal was the preservation of alternate timelines rather than conquering them (which was always his goal as Kang). In the long and twisted history of Kang, Immortus is sort of the final evolution of the character, even though he co-existed with, sided with and came into conflict with other versions of his younger self.

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Casting Grant as Immortus would be a brilliant move by Marvel Studios. An actor of his caliber would not only bring the necessary gravitas to the character, but also leave the door open to casting another, younger actor as Kang, should the studio have longer term plans for the character.

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