Marvel Studios Removes Two Films from Its 2025 Slate

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In addition to a staggering amount of moves to its upcoming theatrical slate, Marvel Studios has removed two films from its 2025 slate.

Per an official release from Disney, a pair of untitled Marvel Studios films, originally dated July 25th, 2025 and November 7th, 2025, are no longer Marvel Studios films.

UNTITLED DISNEY is the updated title of UNTITLED MARVEL dated on 7/25/25

UNTITLED DISNEY is the updated title of UNTITLED MARVEL dated on 11/7/25

It is likely that these changes come as a result of the ongoing WGA strike. With writers not working during the strike, development on any potential 2025 scripts will have halted completely.

As it stands, the official updated slate only shows two Marvel Studios films will hit theaters in 2025. Blade, which has faced ongoing challenges in its development, has been tentatively rescheduled for February 14th, 2025 and Fantastic Four has, for now, been moved to May 2nd, 2025.

At this time, the 2026 slate still features four films:

Untitled Marvel on February 13th
Avengers: Kang Dynasty on May 1st
Untitled Marvel on July 24th
Untitled Marvel on November 6th


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