‘Stranger Things’ Final Season Production Halted in Solidarity With the WGA Strike

stranger things final season

The WGA Strike is going strong, as various productions have been slowly getting paused. Hollywood is still trying to push a few through that have finished scripts; though writers being on set is also an essential aspect to ensure adaptations can happen to tighten scripts along the production timeline. Marvel Studios just recently put a hold on Blade which was set to start production soon.

Oddly though, they are not planning anything for Deadpool 3 as of now but that might just be them playing chicken until production has to start and the script might be deemed more “done” than the other that only recently revealed another writer was attached. Yet, we’re slowly seeing more and more productions affected such as Stranger Things writers and creators the Duffer Brothers confirming they have paused production until the strike is over on Netflix’s flagship series.

This is a huge blow to the streaming service that greatly has been trying to build up its offerings as it first faced a drop in subscribers not too long ago. They also have been rumored to be one of the big holdouts during the meetings with the WGA. Either way, this is an important move by the Duffer Brothers and a showcase of how important this current strike is.

Streaming services have changed the way we watch our favorite movies and shows, but they also left quite an impact on how writers earn their money. They have smaller writing rooms with a lot more work put on the backs of fewer people. More importantly, they also have less money as a result of this new model and can no longer rely on residuals. Here’s hoping that these talks end in favor of those that create the series and films we love so dearly.

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