‘Superman Legacy’ to Feature Someone from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’s Cast

Superman Legacy

James Gunn has always had a knack for keeping secrets on his various projects and outright even denying any claims made that he can easily debunk. As the new CEO of DC Studios, it creates an opportunity. Yet, in a short AMA on Twitter, he has given some the opportunity to ask a question he’ll answer with yes or no. While most focused on his latest release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 given he restricted it to that topic, someone asked if any of the cast members might appear in his next DC project.

Surprisingly, Gunn actually did confirm that “Yes.” someone from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise will appear in Superman Legacy. Of course, he hasn’t exactly said who it will be and what kind of role they’ll have, but it’s great to know that some of his usual faces will return one way or another. We already saw them in The Suicide Squad, where his brother Sean Gunn played the role of Weasel and will continue to do so in Creature Commando.

Though, there’s also a good chance that he will include some of his usual cast members in one form or another. Nathan Fillion has appeared in all three Guardians films in a cameo or small role. He loves casting his close friend Michael Rooker in roles, who is also very likely to potentially appear. At the end of the day, we could also just see his brother Sean Gunn have some kind of role in bringing another CG creation to life. There’s ag good list of “definitely back” actors that would be listed that would fit the bill.

Source: Twitter

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