James Gunn Reveals Pete Davidson’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Cameo

guardians of the galaxy 3 cameo

There’s a long tradition of big names taking on tiny roles in Star Wars films, such as playing a Stormtrooper. Tom Hardy and even James Bond actor Daniel Craig famously took on the tiny roles, but it seems this tradition is also carried over into the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Director James Gunn is no stranger to casting friends in his various projects, such as the surprise reveal that Pete Davidson, who appeared in his previous film The Suicide Squad, seemingly had a minor role in the film.

As part of Twitter Movies’ promotion of the film, there’s a picture of Gunn with one of the film’s leads Chris Pratt alongside Pete Davidson. It seems he just had a chance to film this tiny cameo and going by what he is wearing, he is one of the soldiers who works for the High Evolutionary that was present in the scene when those two confront each other as showcased in the various trailers.

Considering Guardians of the Galaxy is seen as the “Star Wars” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this kind of cameo is a fitting addition to the franchise and it’s also funny to think that this is the SNL actor’s first major appearance in the franchise. While it’s unclear if he has any hopes to join in a bigger role later down the line, it’s funny to know that he was already apart of it and we may have had no idea if it wasn’t for this picture.

Source: Twitter

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