Sarah Polley to Direct a Live-Action ‘Bambi’ Film

bambi live action

Bambi is about to return to theaters but this time in live-action. Disney continues its goal of adapting various of its animated classics into the new format. Now, they are set to tackle probably the one that destroyed many’s childhoods. Woman Talking director Sarah Polley has seemingly decided to tackle the live-action adaptation next, a project they’ve been trying to bring to life since 2020. Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Lindsey Beer were attached to write, but there’s no word if their script is being used.

Of course, just because the film has a director, It doesn’t mean that they’ll also have someone set to write given the WGA strike. They might have made the deal to ensure they have someone attached to the project once the strike ends (if it does at this rate). This is the latest adaptation after The Little Mermaid just hit theaters, which currently has pulled in $414M in theaters.

Bambi is actually an adaptation of a 1923 novel by Felix Salten titled Bambi, a Life in the Woods. Disney’s adaptation is only their fifth-ever animated movie directed by David Hand. It’ll be interesting if this adaptation is going to take the same route as Jon Favreau’s The Lion King with a “live-action adaptation” consisting of mostly CG characters. Perhaps they cast the infamous Hunter with an actual actor or he remains a shadow in the background.

Source: Deadline

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