New Photos Surface of Going Merry on the Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Set

one piece set

We’ve been long waiting for any sign of life of the upcoming One Piece adaptation by Netflix. They’ve currently set their eyes on promoting Tomorrow Studios’ first anime adaptation with Cowboy Bebop but that doesn’t mean the adaptation of Eiichiro Oda‘s popular manga series. In September, we got our first glimpses of production gearing up in South Africa. We were also able to confirm that Black Sails and Daredevil director Marc Jobst will tackle the series’ pilot. Yet, as things have calmed down last month, some set photos have surfaced teasing the Straw Hats iconic ship, the Going Merry.

Reddit user u/… updated a piece showcasing various updates on the Netflix series since its launch similar to what we prepared back in August. What caught our eye was the updates from October 3rd and September 25th. These link to Imgur accounts that feature new looks at the Cape Town to featuring a familiar-looking lamb head attached to one of the boats.

It’s the first sighting since we got a glimpse back in March. They continue to confirm that production is preparing, as we’re still waiting for an exact production start date or even a glimpse at the cast. The pandemic delayed its production by quite a bit. Interestingly enough, the last time we saw photos the horns were covered. WE get a better look at them this time around, but they haven’t been colored yet. So, it’s uncertain if these are older photos that simply surfaced now again, or that step took a backseat due to production delays.

Here’s hoping that the wait won’t take much longer until we get a new update on the production. The first teases and trailers of Cowboy Bebop did showcase a promising adaptation that tries to stay true to the original while also keeping Western tastes in mind. It’ll be interesting to see if they might utilize the upcoming 1000th episode to kick off their live-action venture.

Source: Imgur via Reddit, Twitter

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