RUMOR: ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Might Have 9 Episodes

book of boba fett episode

After a long wait, we finally got the first trailer for the upcoming The Book of Boba Fett. There’s still quite some time until it releases at the end of December. As a spinoff of The Mandalorian, it was assumed it might also follow a similar structure with around eight episodes getting released. Disney+ doesn’t restrict their episode counts and we’ve seen many series adapt the length depending on what the series requires. It looks like that Boba Fett’s upcoming adventure might run for around nine episodes according to Jordan Maison, who has shared stories in the past such as on the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game.

As this is the first time the show doesn’t follow a specific episode count, it does open the possibility that future entries on the streaming service don#t abide by a specific structure. Marvel Studios sets six episodes for hour-long series while half-hour shows will get around ten. As streaming doesn’t have to abide by any rules, it’s curious that most of them seem to try and structure their episode counts in advance rather than what the story requires. Still, it may be a way to keep the stories as focused as possible and consistent for viewers, especially with Disney+’s focus on weekly results. We’ll see if we get a confirmation on the episode count in the near future.

Source: Twitter

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