Marvel Studios ‘What If…?’ Mystery Minis Now Available for Pre-Order

The beloved Mystery Mini collection is back for What If…?

Marvel Studios first animated series, What If…?, opened the door to the multiverse and, with it, the endless possibilities of new characters to be introduced. Over the series first 9 episodes, fans met Variants of Doctor Strange, Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers, Loki, zombie versions of your favorite heroes, Star-Lord T’Challa and more. Now, you can start your What If…? collection with one of Funko’s most enjoyable products: Mystery Minis!

Marvel’s What If…? Mystery Minis are now available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. For collectors who like to roll the dice, you can pre-order random 4-packs at $24.99/piece; for $67.99, you can get a blind 12 pack of figures with a display case.

For those prefer there Pops a little larger, Entertainment Earth has a full wave of 6″ figures available as well ($11.99/piece) including:

Frost Giant Loki
T’Challa Star-Lord
Doctor Strange Supreme
Zombie Captain America
Infinity Ultron
Captain Carter

And of course, the Hydra Stomper!

Murphy’s Multiverse is an Entertainment Earth affiliate.

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