‘Earth X’ Writer Teases How ‘Eternals’ Ikaris Could Become Galactus in the MCU

While Eternals is influenced by the well-known comic runs of the alien race by creator Jack Kirby and Neil Gaiman’s modern run, it has also become clear that the films were heavily influenced by the more obscure 1999 Earth X storyline. Written by Jim Krueger and Alex Ross, Earth X introduced the story of an Earth that had a Celestial growing inside of it. It depicts a dystopian future where the entire world has developed superpowers.

Not just that, it also included numerous plot points that seem far beyond where the current Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading, but the fact that Eternals creators eagerly dove into the material could suggest that it may have more to offer. So, when asked by Bleeding Cool if there are other aspects of Earth X the series that came after it that he would like to see Marvel adapt in future movies, Krueger teased a particularly interesting development for Eternals’ character:

I think the MCU is an amazing place and I wouldn’t begin to throw them ideas… That said, in the back story continuity of Earth X, the former Galactus has become a star…because a star was once a sun, it leads me to wonder about the fate and potential irony of a certain Celestial-serving character who finds himself in the sun at the end of the movie. Could this character potentially and ultimately offer the balance to the cosmos if the Celestials became too powerful? Sounds like a pretty great person to become Galactus one day.

Jim Krueger

Krueger is no doubt referring to Ikaris, who seemed to meet his end by flying into the sun at the end of Eternals. It’s difficult to imagine future stories surrounding the Eternals themselves without such a keystone character. Still, re-introducing him as Galactus – a major player yet to be seen in the MCU – would be quite an interesting move. Anything is possible, though, especially considering that Earth X apparently served as an “uncanny bible” for the Eternals writers.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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