‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Leak Teases Super Adaptoid Ahead of First DLC Release

Marvel’s Avengers has been facing quite the drought, but we are only one week away from finally getting our hands on the game’s first major DLC. Kate Bishop will hopefully kickstart the game’s expansion, which got delayed due to bugs. Now, we are closing in on the release, which is slated for December 8th. One more week to go until we get our first look at what the future may hold for us. Luckily, the always reliable leaker @mmmmmmmmiller seems to be starting what one can describe as the Seven Days of Kate-mas. As we are building up to the release, he promises that we will get a small leak per day. So, let’s not waste any more time and jump into our first tease.

That robotic voice would automatically make one think of Ultron. Of course, we know that this is most likely the voice of the Super Adaptoid, who will be the main enemy of Kate’s unique single-player campaign. He is a robot designed by AIM that copies the abilities of our favorite heroes. His design is surprisingly comic-accurate, especially with his green glow. I am surprised he has a voice, which sounds surprisingly similar to that of the Roy robots that are vendors in the various outposts. There is a good chance that they were prototypes that would eventually become the Adaptoid and, just maybe, Ultron later down the line. We’ll see what else may be heading our way in the coming days, but it is a nice little tease of what is to come.

Source: Twitter, Vocaroo

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