Exploring ‘Daredevil’s Future Beyond Its Netflix Run

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It is crazy to think that Daredevil‘s third season aired two years ago. Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio reminded us why they were the perfect duo to take on the dynamic between Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk. The original Netflix deal was massive, as they signed up for four series consisting of 13 episodes. Not just that, they also made a deal to film most of the series directly in New York City, where it would all lead up to a The Defenders crossover. It was going to be the small-screen Avengers built on Marvel’s Television division. Right now, Netflix still held a tight grip on the rights to all franchisees that aired on the streaming service. So, many of us were waiting for the moment they could return. Supposedly, the rights return two years after it aired its final episode, and we are finally at that point. So, let us look at how exactly Daredevil could become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



Now, like many, I want the core cast to return. Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, and Elden Henson were outstanding. Matt Murdock is always conflicted between the devil calling him to defend the streets, but also his human need for a normal life. He is nothing without Karen Page and Foggy Nelson keeping him centered, as he balances being a lawyer and vigilante. Of course, there is also Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Wilson Fisk, who may be one of the best Marvel villains brought into live-action. Also, I hope we also see the return of Ayelet Zurer‘s Vanessa. Her relationship with Fisk elevated it in unique ways and managed to humanize all of Fisk’s actions in an interesting way. While we’re at it, Wilson Bethel deserves more time as Bullseye, just saying. Now that Jamie Foxx is going to return as Electro in Spider-Man‘s still-untitled third entry, there is no excuse that they can’t have the iconic cast return.

There is, sadly, one major issue of continuing the series where it originally ended. I don’t believe that every part of The Defenders will remain the same. Most notably, there is a good chance that Iron Fist will get a complete reboot. Out of all of the Netflix series, it felt like it was trying its hardest to avoid the aspects that made the character unique, which may be something that Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige wants to change. Yet, a massive part of the crossover was how the main antagonists, the Hand, had strong ties to K’un-Lun, where Danny Rand gained his magical fist. Maybe this time we get to visit the hidden city. Daredevil‘s third season has built on the events that transpired during Netflix’s mini-series. If it weren’t for the four vigilantes taking on a group of supernatural ninjas, we wouldn’t have had Matt’s reawakening that would lead to him taking on his original mantle.



As I write that, it doesn’t mean it is impossible, just that it may not fit into Feige‘s plans. Plus, they seem to have mapped out quite a bit ahead, as plenty of series and films are about to enter production. So, we might not see anything related to any of the Netflix series by the latest of 2023 or even 2024. Now, there is a way that it could work to integrate the events from all Defenders into the mainline MCU overarching storyline. The approach is simple: all of them are already active once we meet them again. It would be a similar approach to that of The Incredible Hulk. Yes, Mark Ruffalo looks nothing like Edward Norton, but the storyline mainly remained the same. So, why couldn’t everything from Daredevil‘s first season up until Jessica Jones‘ final season has taken place in the same timeline with some slight alterations?

Even if someone else takes over the role of Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, or Luke Cage, the main events still occurred. Viewers are technically familiar with what transpired. They can make references to past events as an easy recap for newer viewers. They can also leave some aspects vague to adapt it to fit the new narrative. There is no need to rehash Murdock’s origin story again besides showcasing some of the emotional cores that defined him. Netflix could be part of a different dimension, as the mainline MCU’s events were similar in most places.



They did something similar with Spider-Man: Homecoming, where they built on everyone’s understanding of the character’s core principles. It was a popular show on Netflix, so there is no need to retread old ground. That would only be necessary if Feige had any plans to reuse the Hand in different ways. Even if they don’t continue the storyline set up by the first three seasons of Netflix, they can still use people’s understanding of the characters to move forward rather than retread familiar ground once again. We also saw the advantage of an ongoing format for the characters, so it would be a waste not to continue the series on Disney+, especially when they are exploring darker characters like Moon Knight on the platform. Their introduction though could open up the potential to having them crossover into films, which seems to be the plan for many of the streaming characters. Either way, if Marvel Studios decides to move forward, I hope to see this amazing cast return so that they can continue the story where they left off.

Source: Digital Spy

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