Sony Pictures’ Panel Announced for CCXP Worlds

Earlier today, CCXP announced via Social Media that Sony Pictures will mark their presence at CCXP Worlds on December 4th. While details are scarce on how exactly it will play out, they announced that at the Omelete Stage, Sony Pictures is going to be hosting a panel where ONE (emphasis on the one) of their guests will be the director of Fantasy IslandJeff Wadlow. We can expect more announcements to be made regarding this panel since the tweet implies more guests. We suspect that this panel might focus on the Home Entertainment section of Sony Pictures.

Yet, their presence there could hint at Sony also giving some attention to their other upcoming film projects like MorbiusVenom: Let there be Carnage, & the untitled Spider-Man threequel, which we got the tease for a first look sometime this month. It would make sense to use an event of this size to tease something of their 2021 content even if it is as minor as announcing the subtitle for Spider-Man. It’ll be interesting to see what we can expect from the event on a global stage. We are still anxiously waiting if Disney may also end up having a panel at the event, but so far nothing has been officially confirmed.


Check the tweet and Instagram post down below:


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