David Ramsey Returns to CW’s Arrowverse as John Diggle and a Mystery Character

Since the dawn of the Arrowverse, alongside Oliver Queen was his trusted confidant and partner in crime David Ramsey‘s John Diggle. Throughout the series, Diggle would come to take up the mantle of Spartan and became a permanent member of Team Arrow, as he joined Oliver in his crusade across Star City. Towards the end of the recent mega-crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, we last saw Diggle packing up his things and moving to Metropolis. Shortly before he made his way to a new home, he came into contact with what looked to be Green Lantern Ring. For years it had become a running tease that Diggle would assume the role of a Green Lantern but never came to be but seems all the more likely now.

It looks like David Ramsey will be returning to the Arrowverse to direct and reprise his role as John Diggle in multiple episodes across the network lineup of DC-based series. He will return to direct episodes of The FlashSuperman and LoisSupergirlBatwoman, and even Legends of Tomorrow. Not just that, Ramsey will also be playing a mystery role in his episode on Legends of Tomorrow. Most fans could easily conclude that his role will be that of a Sector-2814 Green Lantern, especially after the tease his story ended on.

While we may not know until he officially returns on screen, it would be great to finally see Diggle assume the title once the Arrowverse makes its long-awaited return in 2021. The Arrowverse suffered some big hits this year. Every production got a delay, and then news broke that fan-favorite shows Supergirl and Black Lightning would come to an end. All this right after the show that started it all officially ended with its eight-season. Perhaps the return of Diggle might be a new beginning for the franchise in the new year.

SOURCE: Deadline

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