‘Marvel’s Avengers’: Pitching Non-Marvel Cinematic Universe Skins

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Here’s a special something before we get into the article. Today’s Marvel’s Avengers article is a special one, as we are cooperating with the upcoming Assemble for Charity event, which you can follow via Twitter via @AForCharity. It’s a 24-hour Community Livestream that starts on 18th March at 10 AM PT/5 PM GMT. The community is celebrating the release of the next DLC character by supporting the Cancer Fund for Children. I will also be part of the opening event, so be sure to drop by and support a good cause.


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I have been writing about Marvel’s Avengers for some time now. Tomorrow, we’ll finally get the release of the second DLC character, Hawkeye. Clint Barton isn’t alone, as we are also getting quite a lot of content to celebrate the game’s next-gen update. Players will finally be able to revisit the campaign with the push of a button. Anyone who wants to experiment around will be able to do so with the new customizable HARM room. It’s looking to be their biggest update and hopefully only the beginning of a lot more to come. We’ve already talked in-depth about how they could update their endgame content, so I wanted to have some fun with this one. Here are a few ideas for some ways to add unique skins they can add to the game.


Embrace the Avengers’ Media History

We have been focused primarily on getting Marvel Cinematic Universe skins and comic-inspired skins. However, these characters have had quite a few adaptations throughout the years. It would be amazing to see skins inspired by the animated series Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. How about we get even crazier? I would love to see the insane costumes introduced in Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers. They went all out with overdesigning these characters and it would be such an amazing addition to the game.


MARVEL DISK WARS: AVENGERS is the Best Anime You've Never Seen - Nerdist


There have also been attempts at adapting the franchise in live-action before. It would be wonderful to have a cheesy outfit inspired by 1977’s The Incredible Hulk. Just imagine the Green Goliath rocking that hairstyle in the game. Some designs are getting sold by Square-Enix that would make for fantastic additions to the game. I am talking about the Variant figures designed by the man behind Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 7s designs, Tetsuya Nomura. They already own the designs. So, why not bring them into the game? They are just as crazy as those from the previously-mentioned Disc Wars Anime, and it would be a shame not to use them if the game carries the Square-Enix logo




A Hero’s Final Fantasy

Speaking of Square-Enix, it wouldn’t be too surprising to think that they would have the possibility to utilize the iconic designs from their historic gaming library. I would love to see the Avengers in Final Fantasy or other famous franchise-inspired outfits. Steve Rogers would look great in Cloud’s costume from last year’s remake. How about Iron Man’s armor inspired by Automata‘s machines? Who wouldn’t want to see a Deus Ex outfit for Clint? Crystal Dynamics has its flagship franchise that they can use for inspiration. Black Widow would look fantastic in a Tomb Raider-inspired costume. These are just some ideas off of the top of my head. Of course, they should focus on Marvel adaptations, but I think they can start expanding to add something special.


Square Enix Eidos Anthology Bundle Recently Appears On Steam Platform | Sirus Gaming


Freaky Friday

Here’s a simple yet hilarious idea for a future skin update. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the different Avengers members swapped costumes? I could imagine Captain America wearing an Iron Man-inspired armor that got made from a cheap carton. It would be the perfect joke costume for Halloween. Hulk running around with a mini bow on his back would be hilarious. CD could even throw in a special emote of him trying to grab it on his back unsuccessfully. I mainly got the idea while thinking back when Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox dressed up as their respective characters during a convention. Just like the other skins, these are some simple ideas that would add something special to the game as it starts to expand.


Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox swap super costumes for Halloween

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