‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Teases March Update and Nick Fury’s Return

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It has been a bit quiet on the Marvel front when it came to Marvel’s Avengers. It’s not uncommon for games of these kinds to take breaks over the holidays to prepare for the new year. While we still have to wait for the roadmap – which is teased to still be in development – but Crystal Dynamic still offered an update on what’s heading our way in March. It looks like they are continually building upon the base foundation to ensure that the daily grind offers more perks for players.

In a new blog entry, they reveal that they are trying to further evolve the game system alongside their player base. The March patch (2.3) will offer a sample of changes that are heading our ways, such as a rework of the War Table and mission select system. It seems they want to improve the flow of playability for newcomers to the franchise, especially in regards to the leveling process. They hope that it also supports veteran players to create more concentrated matchmaking pools.

Other upgrades include updating the Units economy to make it easier to gain ways on shipments, which currently require quite a bit of grinding to get the special Marvel Cinematic Universe-inspired skins. Omega-Level Threat and Raid rewards are also moving towards weekly rewards, as well as offering per-Hero rewards for the Mega Hives.

They also hinted that Nick Fury will return after a long bit of absence and take over SHIELD once again to help coordinate Initiative missions. It’s unclear what exactly that means and what that means for currently acting director, Maria Hill. There’s no word if we’ll get a story cutscene on why he makes his return or why he manages his way out of the time bubble, but we’ll see if it may set up what’s to come in 2022.

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