‘Peacemaker’ Episode 8 Primer

The very first series set within DC’s extended universe is about to reach the end of its first season. Peacemaker gave us a chance to get even closer to the character we once only considered “douchey Captain America” (John Cena’s words, not mine) and over the past seven episodes, we’ve seen some fantastic development with the titular character, winning over the hearts of many skeptics who’d held a grudge since the murder of Rick Flag. Now the finale is almost here and soon enough we’ll be pining for more.

The penultimate episode, ‘Stop Dragon My Heart Around’, finally answered the question we’ve been wondering since early in the season: what happened to Christopher Smith’s brother? The answer: Chris happened. In a pit match between the two brothers, set up by Auggie and his friends, in an attempt to look tough and not let his father down, Chris wailed on his brother a little too hard, injuring his brain and killing him.

The present day saw Christopher Smith on the run with Vigilante and Economos, split off from the rest of the group to face the “cow” on their own. This plan was blown to pieces as the White Dragon and his group followed them, striking first and throwing the mission off course. Vigilante bravely provided a distraction for Chris and Economos, by unpinning a grenade and being caught in the blast, nearly killing himself.

Elsewhere, the rest of the team fell into shambles as Harcourt clashed with Adebayo after her betrayal (she planted the fake diary in Peacemaker’s trailer) was revealed. Things were cut short when the Butterflies arrived, presumably after Murn. Goff quickly dispatched of Murn and the Murn butterfly in sight of Harcout and Adebayo. And just when it seemed things could not possibly get worse, they do indeed as Judomaster returned! giving Harcourt and Adebayo a good fight before eventually escaping again.

The White Dragon and his followers find Peacemaker and one of the show’s biggest conflicts finally came to a head. This fight is a big moment for the character, as he faced the source of his abuse, ending in Peacemaker shooting his father in the head, and ending the torment he’s faced since he was a child.

The team regrouped at a local vet where Eagly is given medical care after being backhanded by the White Dragon and they decide to put aside their differences and finish the mission. The final scenes revealed the “cow”, which wasn’t actually a cow at all, but rather a giant slug-larva that’s the source of the amber fluid.

However this ends, it’ll surely be quite outlandish. Lets just hope we don’t have to wait too long to see Peacemaker officially renewed for season 2 at HBO Max.

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