HBO Max CCO Offers Update on ‘Game of Thrones’ Many Spin-offs

game of thrones spinoffs

Games of Thrones may be one of those few shows that redefined TV. HBO obviously has no plans of letting its legacy fizzle out as it continues to develop and explore its options on spin-offs and prequels. The first of what could be many new spinoffs looks to be setting its eyes on a 2022 premiere while others remain in limbo.

House of The Dragon is currently set to premiere sometime this year, but no date has been found as the studio was concerned about how the ongoing pandemic would affect production. Talks continue behind the scenes to find the perfect release date for the series, as confirmed in a new piece by Deadline.

There are multiple other series in some form of pre-production which includes Sea Snake, Flea Bottom, 10,000 Ships, and Dunk & Egg. As of now, they have talent attached to them, but none of them have been picked up or passed on just yet. Among these is also an animated spin-off, yet there is still no news on what that’ll be about. HBO and HBO Max’s Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys had the following to share on Game of Thrones‘ future:

It’s just like any development process. Some are looking really good. Some we’ll see. We’re not going to make everything. I don’t have any mandate that I must make a certain amount of spin offs or prequels or anything like that. We’re really doing it just based on what we’re excited about creatively. I wouldn’t even give you a tease that we might see something this year because I really don’t know, it depends on how the development comes in.

Casey Bloys

With a series like Game of Thrones, it’s gonna take a lot to live up to what that series was to a lot of people, and it seems here that they’re being quite meticulous with what they pick up and send to the series.

Source: Deadline

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