‘Mean Girls’, ‘Bring it On’ and More Inspired ‘Darby and the Dead’s Characters

Darby and the Dead is a new high school comedy that adds a new spin. As the name implies, it’s not just about a young teenager surviving high school, but her former bully suddenly dies and she’s stuck trying to help her pass on to the next life. It’s a creative premise and looks to be a promising new take on the classic film type.

During the official press conference for the Hulu Original, actresses Kylie Lyia Page, Nicole Maines, and Auli’i Cravalho got a chance to tease the inspirations of how they brought their characters to life in the Hulu Original. Page highlighted the rather obvious Mean Girls, but also Bring It IOn as inspirations on trying to bring their “popular girl” personas to life in the film.

I think Mean Girls is definitely one. I mean, just that’s easy, you know, we’re a group of four girls. You know, we’re at the top of the food chain. We’re cheerleaders, so a little bit of Bring It On in there. And Clueless for sure.

Kylie Lyia Page

Maines also went on to highlight that it wasn’t only the way they approached the dynamic in their friend’s group, but also that it heavily inspired their wardrobe. So, they had quite a few references to keep an eye out for in what the characters wear throughout the film’s runtime.

Even our wardrobe tried to give nods to different films that we loved, and yeah, ‘cause we wanted to just make a, like, a fresh take on the classics that we grew up with.

Nicole Maines

There are many iconic films that explored this familiar setting too many, and they do hint that while it’s inspired by classics, the film is mainly a more modern take to represent how high school looks for students living it currently. Here’s just hoping that no poor soul can see the dead while trying to live through the

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