EXCLUSIVE: Madison Ekstrand and Anthony Jensen on Filming Reed’s Point’ During COVID

reeds point madison ekstrand

It hasn’t been easy for productions, as most have to work in accordance with COVID regulations to ensure that they can keep their talent safe. So, it might be an even bigger challenge for smaller productions that are facing the same trouble without the high production budget to keep everyone safe. Director Dale Fabrigar has worked on Reed’s Point and was filmed with the same challenge.

Luckily, we got the chance to exclusively interview actress Madison Ekstrand and actor Anthony Jensen, who both offered some insight into how it was bringing the feature film to life under these challenging circumstances. It seems that the small production went quite smoothly even with the challenge of COVID hanging over their heads.

It was easygoing. It was smooth.

Madison Ekstrand

As the actress only recently started her career in acting, she highlighted that she was rather used to the experience. Like many other young talents in the industry, they started their entire experience as actresses and actors within the COVID limitations. Ekstrand was quite accustomed to the various regulations. Fellow Reed’s Point actor Anthony Jensen also highlighted that they worked COVID safe and they always focused to adhere to regulations to ensure everyone’s safety. So, it’s good to see that smaller productions aren’t being held back too much by the current circumstances giving new talent to create films on their own terms.

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