Michael Bay Was Aware of the Quality of His ‘Transformer’s Films From Test Screenings

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Michael Bay has quite the reputation for sticking to his guns no matter what. Just recently in an interview, he openly stated that there were CG shots he wasn’t happy with even though it’ll release in theaters just a few days later. His Transformers films were the pinnacle of “Bayhem” when each new entry started to up the ante one after another. Surprisingly, it seems that the director was very much aware of it after witnessing the reaction from test screenings.

So it’s intense, like Transformers…So two houses, 400 people in each house, starting 15 minutes difference or something like that. I’m now watching it with a whole bunch of families and kids, and I’m like, “Okay, dumb robot movie. Oh my God. It’s just a kids’ movie. Oh, man. Oh, what did I do?” It gets a huge score, and it was unfinished.

Michael Bay

While seeing families’ reactions to his “dumb robot movie,” he shared that once he entered a more adult theater he realized the quality of the films he made, but that didn’t seem to bother him too much.

Then I go to the next theater, and I’ve got the sound thing and there’s an empty seat and there’s a guy, whatever. This is more of the adult kind of room, and I look to the guy and I [ask], ‘Do you like this movie?’ And he goes, ‘[meh hand motion]. And I’m like, “Oh, this is terrible. I just made a terrible movie.” Whatever. Huge matching score, like a 94. That’s a spectacular movie score.

Michael Bay

Bay has always been very straightforward with his opinion, and you have to respect how he doesn’t really hold back. Still, the Transformers were quite successful and didn’t stop him from pumping out one film after another. He certainly seemed to have fun with the projects he’s worked on. So, while not critically loved, it certainly found its audience.

Source: ScreenRant

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