‘Moon Knight’s Showrunner Reveals Comic Inspiration for Disney+’s Suit Design

moon knight suit

Like many Marvel characters, Moon Knight has gone through quite a few iterations of costumes in his comic runtime. So, we were all curious how they’d tackle it in the Disney+ series. Luckily once we got our first look, we saw a classic suit combined with elements from Egyptian mythology and the bandages from mummies. Ahead of the second episode’s premiere, showrunner Jeremy Slater revealed that their main inspiration for the design was Alex Ross, Doug Braithwaite, and Jim Krueger‘s Universe X design, which saw the character wrapped in bandages.

We’ve heard in the past that the writer’s rooms for the comic adaptations would include ideas and concepts, as they develop the series. Adding in the comic-inspired designs certainly aids in the development process, and it’s great to see the producers lend a supporting hand to bring these iconic comics to life. Director Mohamed Diab revealed how they took the iconic design of Mr. Knight and how they gave it their twist. The decision to make it supernatural was also something that Kevin Feige seemed to love and gave them more freedom to approach it.

We’re seeing these adaptations embrace their comic roots but combine the varied history to create something unique. While Disney+’s Moon Knight takes iconic images from the original, it feels like a unique take on the original franchise. Especially the designs are embracing different elements, as even Mr. Knight includes new details. Instead of a pure white suit, they added a special kind of material and designs to invoke the character’s Egyptian history. There’s a lot of attention to detail at work here, which just adds to the love and care put into this new branch of the MCU.

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