‘Moon Knight’ Director Reveals Their Unique Take on Mr. Knight

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If you are avoiding spoilers for Moon Knight, only continue at your own risk as the director reveals a detail from an upcoming episode.

Director Mohammed Diab sat down with Collider to talk about the upcoming Moon Knight series. He highlights a lot of things about how they had the least reshoots and the freedom that was given to the creative team to make a project that stands out from the rest. In it, he also discussed their approach by introducing Mr. Knight in the series.

In it, he reveals that Mr. Knight is the design used by Steven Grant, the personality we are initially introduced to in Moon Knight‘s first episode. So, he is no longer a unique personality but rather the costume that he wears when Grant is the one that summons Khonshu’s ability.

Ironically, we started with Steven having Moon Knight and Marc having Mr. Knight, ironically, but that’s one of the best thing about taking your time and developing things. You start realizing no, no, no, this costume is for this guy. This is what works for them. And we realize what’s the logic.

Mohamed Diab

He did highlight that they wanted to make the outfit stick out with the many details it includes. Diab also teased that he summons a suit due to being removed from wherever the original design came from and also has no real connection to “superheroing.” So, it made sense that he’d have a very different costume when forced to summon it. The director did highlight that he was nervous adapting a pure white suit like that due to the difficulties of making it look good on camera.

And on the other hand, as a director, I was scared a lot more from Mr. Knight’s suit because a white suit like that could look so bad on camera. And it could be silly and it could be weird. But ironically, the moment Oscar stepped in, we felt… it’s very cool. And we actually try to think of moments that we can expand it even more.

Mohamed Diab

When the design was first revealed, it certainly had a lot of Moon Knight fans excited. So, its inclusion is definitely a plus, and the fact we get some of the most detailed costume designs in the MCU is a great bonus. It’ll be interesting to see what expansion he is teasing and just how much we get to see him in this costume throughout the series.

Source: Collider

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