Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter Share “Big Tease” Reunion Photo Sparking MCU Return Rumors

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Now that Daredevil’s new Disney+ series has been officially confirmed, it does add a lot of weight to what could happen with the rest of the Netflix Marvel cast moving forward. So, this news also adds to an Instagram post by Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter where the former included the captions “L.C. + J.J. = Big Tease” alongside hashtags of their characters and Marvel. Of course, with many theorizing about their potential return alongside Charlie Cox, the photo definitely adds a spark of fire to those who believed they’ll also make their return at some point.

It definitely is a tease to get people hyped, and there’s always a chance that they just happened to run into each other. Of course, they may be working on some kind of project together. Luke Cage actor Mike Colter has been busy working on the Parmaount+ series Evil. Krysten Ritter is set to appear in the HBO Max project Love and Death, which is a miniseries where she’ll appear alongside fellow Marvel actress Elizabeth Olsen.

What seemed like a fun tweet between former co-stars has now become the feeding bed for many theories, especially witht he “big tease” inclusion in the Instagram post. It does open up the question where they might show up, but a private investigator would be perfect addition for a series like Secret Invasion, as Nick Fury needs someone off the radar to look into something for him. Luke Cage could still be running Harlem’s Paradise afte rhe chased out Mariah Dillard. So, who knows who might pop up there in a brief visit to Harlem.

Source: Instagram

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