‘ANT-MAN 3’ Slated for 2022

Earlier this year, Ant-Man 3 seemed to slide down the list of upcoming Marvel Studios films as it took on a new writer in Jeff Loveness. Other films appeared to cut in line and the COVID shuffle of Marvel’s slate didn’t include a release date for the threequel. According to a new report, the film might just make a 2022 release after all!

Yahoo Entertainment interviewed director Peyton Reed and dropped this little nugget in the piece:

It’s worth noting that this is not a direct quote from Reed or anyone at Marvel Studios, but it is the first indicator we have had about a potential date for the film. You should all know by now that in the age of COVID, no release date is safe, but this is still encouraging news. We recently shared the information that production on the project had been moved from “early 2021” to June which, given the rumored size and scope of the film, could have it ready for a Summer 2022 release!

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