Mila Kunis Claims She’s Not in MCU’s ‘Fantastic Four’ But She Knows Who Is

fantastic four mila kunis

The Late Late Show with James Corden is coming to an end, which had quite a line-up of celebrities. Among them was Mila Kunis, who has recently been the focus of various curious and even surprising rumors for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Fantastic Four. Of course, Corden used the chance to ask her about it and she reflected on when the first rumors started, a shot of her with director Matt Shakman.

We went out to a deli and had lunch together and the next day I was somehow in Fantastic Four.

Mila Kunis

She goes on to confirm that she is not playing anyone in Fantastic Four, but in a curious twist, she highlights that she knows “who is” in the project. Of course, she doesn’t go on to confirm anything

I am not in Fantastic Four, but I know who is. But I don’t want to get in trouble with The Mouse, so none of you will find out.

Mila Kunis

Of course, there have been quite a few times when Marvel actors denied any involvement with upcoming projects. So, there’s always that slight chance that Kunis might have a role after all, but it’s definitely interesting that she’d tease knowing who might be appearing. So, it further implies that they may have finally cast the characters that we’ve been waiting for quite some time. So, perhaps the wait isn’t that much longer.

Source: The Wrap

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