REPORT: ‘The Witcher’ Composers May Be Working on Netflix’s Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Series

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After releasing two posters back in January, Netflix has gone its usual cold turkey approach to promoting the live-action One Piece series. To be fair, we’ve had far more news than the live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender which hasn’t even had a bit of news since production started. Yet, the One Piece fans have been quite proactive in trying to get their hands on any bit of news they can, even if it’s the smallest role.

@OP_Netflix_Fan has seemingly shared the news that One Piece has added composers Sonya Belousova, who was heavily rumored last year, and Giona Ostinelli. Both have worked on Netflix’s other series, The Witcher, which even led to Belousova winning the BMI Streaming Series Award. They were both also nominated for Best Main Title Theme for a TV Show or Limited Series by the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Joseph Trapanese went on to take over the second season and it is unclear how long they’ve been involved with the series. This has yet to be announced officially by anyone, but a short piece shared by Belousova on her personal Instagram account sparked a lot of theories that it was part of the future soundtrack. We also had a Japanese commercial for the series during TUDUM, which had some speculation if it’s from the series as well.

As we’re still waiting for an official look at the series, it would be great to hear the music alongside the trailer rather than the usual popular hit song that most trailers use. Luckily, Netflix has seemingly avoided that trope in its fantasy trailers and it would be great to see if that piece teased so long ago is actually in the series. There’s also the fun question if the classic pirate instrument, the Hurdy-Gurdy gets used.

Source: Twitter

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