TUDUM: ‘One Piece’ Segment May Have Teased a First Glimpse at the Series’ Score

one piece score

TUDUM was quite the event for everything that Netflix has planned to release throughout the following months. Sadly, there was a noticeable absence of One Piece during the Global event as it seems they aren’t ready yet to release more information. Yet, there was at least a small tease during the TUDUM Japan segment that highlighted the series is still in production.

Given how big One Piece is in Japan, it makes sense it would still get a reveal during that segment but it didn’t include any real news outside of highlighting its main cast once more. There is however a rather interesting score being used while showcasing some segments from the manga alongside the cast video that was released when they were initially confirmed to be playing the East Blue crew, as shared by @newworldartur.

There’s something quite cheerful about this music and it would definitely seem like a fitting score for an adventure that Monkey D. Luffy would set out on. There hasn’t been an official confirmation of who exactly is involved with the score, but speculation online has hinted towards it being The Witcher‘s Sonya Belousova. The talented researchers from @OPLAfandom released their theory early in August and the composer has released a piece that almost sounds like it would perfectly fit into the franchise.

It would’ve been great to get some details out of TUDUM but it was a project mostly focused on current projects that have at least a set release date with only a few teases of what’s to come. So, we can only speculate if the music piece used is from the actual work from this project or is simply something they’ve chosen cause it seemed fitting. Still, if it even is just a tease of the style of the theme we can expect, it definitely feels like a perfect choice for this pirate adventure.

Source: Twitter

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