‘Avatar’s Re-Release Pulls in Mighty $10M, Potentially Hinting at ‘Way of Water’s Performance

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This weekend saw the re-release of James Cameron‘s original Avatar. Not only did it include new elements to better lead into the upcoming sequel The Way of Water, but it also acts as a reminder of one of the biggest releases in theaters many years ago. The film has managed to pull in $10M over the weekend landing in third place and with a higher box office than most of this year’s re-releases.

Spider-Man: No Way Home was also a massive re-release a few months ago, it did so on around 4,000 theaters while Avatar managed to pull in its numbers on only 1,860. So, it’s looking quite good that Way of the Water is going to open massively worldwide. While it’s unclear if it’ll have the legs to pull off a $2 billion release window, there’s a decent chance at play here.

As one might expect, the film that established the modern 3D boom also pulled in most of its money through that format. It’s no surprise, especially with Cameron‘s promise to bring a new era to that very technology with his upcoming sequels. It’s fascinating to see the reception to the film that has been coined as “forgotten” for quite some time and likely given the long breaks in-between re-releases. We’ll see if that momentum carries over throughout multiple sequels released every two years.

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