Mini Book Review: ‘Billie Blaster and the Robot Army from Outer Space’

‘Billie Blaster and the Robot Army from Outer Space’ is a delightful space adventure perfect for all-ages.

Billie Blaster and the Robot Army from Outer Space by Laini Taylor

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This is an adorable middle-grade graphic novel. That’s the easiest way to describe this book. Billie Blaster and the Robot Army from Outer Space is an out-there, ridiculous story that has just as much wit as it does heart. It did take me a bit to read this one, but that wasn’t due to the book. Once I was able to dedicate enough time to dive back into the book, I found myself wondering why it had taken me so long.

Billie Blaster is about a young girl named Billie Blaster who is incredibly smart and enjoys creating over-the-top science experiments; this, of course, isn’t entirely surprising given her parents are both renown scientists. Unfortunately, though, Hector, a student in her class, doesn’t think Billie is worthy of the praise and success she’s had over the years. He’s grown tired of coming in second-place at the science fair every year and sets out to take her down.

What ensues is a story that is otherworldly, hilarious, and wonderfully strange. While the book focuses on the weird – toilet weasels, fart guns, and evil pigeons – it also takes the time to show the differences between Billie and Hector. As Billie comes to learn, Hector might have a legitimate reason to be upset. Unlike her, he doesn’t have a lab at his hands to develop any and everything he’d like to create. He’s forced to work out of his parents’ house in the same room they do laundry. He works harder than her, because he has to, and Billie is understanding about his desire to be better than her – although, despite her best attempts, Hector is unwilling to reason with Billie.

Billie Blaster is the perfect book for middle-grade students to read. At that age, it’s all about developing an identity and trying to be the best version of themselves. Billie Blaster is the perfect read for that – and the artwork is pretty great to look at.

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Editor’s Note: This very is very delayed due to personal tragedies that I’ve had over the past few months. I would like to apologize to Amulet Books for the late review.

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