BOOK REVIEW: ‘Agents of S.L.A.M.’ is a Delightfully Fun Read

Agents of S.L.A.M. is an exciting middle-grade read that tells a story of wrestlers who are forced to save the planet from aliens.

Agents of S.L.A.M. is an upcoming graphic novel being released by Oni Press. It’s from creators Dave Scheidt and Scoot McMahon, who previously worked together on Wrapped Up, and tells the story of a wrestling organization with a huge secret. These are not just wrestlers. They are responsible for protecting the Earth from an extraterrestrial threat. 

The story features Katie, a young girl who happens to also be a vlogger who loves wrestling. More specifically, she’s a huge fan of the Agents of S.L.A.M. and the wrestler Bruno. After being invited to tour the secret S.L.A.M. headquarters, Katie finds herself thrown into a world she never would have imagined capable of existing. Even worse? As the day goes on, she learns that sometimes we build our heroes up too high, making it all the easier for them to prove us wrong.

What follows next is a story full of action, heart and hilarity. As someone who is not particularly a fan of wrestling, I admittedly was not sure I’d like Agents of S.L.A.M. Yet, by the end, I was glad I gave it a shot. This is a middle-grade title, technically, but it feels like a book that readers of all ages will come to adore.

This crew of wrestlers is delightful and so diverse. From a grandmother who pilots the jet, to a female who leads the crew and a young girl who proves herself more than worthy of being a hero, it’s hard not to enjoy the fiascos of this crew. They are a disaster but in the best way possible.

It’s an absurd story. Wrestlers that work for the president and go to space? It should be utterly ridiculous. Yet, what unfolds is a story of a makeshift family that is hilariously entertaining. If you’re looking for something you can enjoy with your children, Agents of S.L.A.M. is a title you should check out come April.

Agents of S.L.A.M. releases in April 2022.

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