‘Eternals’ Faces Harsh Drop But Still Eyeing Top Spot With $28M+ in its Second Weekend

eternals drop

Eternals‘ box office has been a highly debated discussion due to the film’s mixed critical reception. While it was behind expectations, it still managed to nab the fourth-highest domestic opening of 2021 with $71M. Of course, the first weekend is where any film builds its momentum and the question is how strong it can keep that top spot in the coming weeks. Well, it looks like the Friday numbers are in and the film faced a drop similar to Venom: Let There Be Carnage. The drop is around 75% that is a far cry from Shang-Chi‘s 67%. Still, it’ll very likely pass the $100M mark once the weekend is over.

Eternals will take the top spot again in its second weekend, which is still a strong showing. What should be highlighted is that this film might not have strong legs as other projects, its international numbers may be giving it an additional boost. The numbers are also developing similarly to how July was right as the pandemic was only starting to slow down. The box office generally has a few milestones for various franchises, such as Dune also passing the $100M mark and the Venom sequel getting to $200M.

Clifford the Big Red Dog will take the second spot but won’t give the latest Marvel Studios film much competition. It’s also been facing harsher critical reception but is doing better with audiences as a fun film for families to check out. So, it might be a quieter week but it’s very likely that Eternals will be dethroned once Ghostbusters: Afterlife releases next week.

Source: Twitter, Twitter (Milestone), Box Office Mojo

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