‘Moon Knight’ Writer Reveals Changes They Made To Avoid Batman Comparison

For showrunner Jeremy Slater, it was important to “De-Wayna” Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight and bring in the Egyptology aspect.

Moon Knight, the titular character in Marvel Studios’ next Disney+ series, has always had issues with comparisons to another familiar comic book hero, Batman. Despite vast differences between the two, there has always been just enough similarity between Oscar Isaac’s new addition to the MCU and the iconic Caped Crusader to inspire unwanted connections in the minds of fans. While having multiple personalities aided in setting Moon Knight apart, it didn’t help that one of those personalities was a wealthy playboy, much like the Dark Knight’s well-known civilian identity Bruce Wayne.

In a new interview with Empire Magazine, Moon Knight’s head writer Jeremy Slater discussed “de-Wayne-ifying” the character Steven Grant, and how he set out to make a unique addition to the nerd mythos:

“There’s all this amazing stuff from Egyptology in the comics. Raiders of the Lost Ark was actually a big reference when I first pitched. How can we tell this dark, complex story but also inject some big, fun, supernatural, Amblin-style magic at the same time?”

With this, Grant was quickly changed from confident playboy to timid Egyptologist. Slater went on to explain how Marvel brought in a real-life professional to expand on the idea in the show:

“He told us all these crazy details. Like, inside the Great Pyramid of Giza there’s a chamber that’s inaccessible, but large enough to contain the Statue of Liberty. And no-one knows what’s in it. Those kinds of wild, real-life facts informed everything we wrote.”

The more is revealed about the show, the more it appears to be something brand new for the genre. Trailers have shown much of the spooky, supernatural, Egyptian elements that Slater is referring to. It seems Marvel is confident in this new take on the Grant personality, and fans have much to look forward to when the series drops on March 30th.

Source: Empire

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