‘Moon Knight’ Becomes Marvel Studios’ Most Liked Disney+ Series on YouTube

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There are a lot of metrics we can work with nowadays to get a glimpse at how a project is performing before it even has officially aired. It’s never truly set in stone, but there they do help people to get t a feeling for just how popular an upcoming project may en dup being. Spider-Man: No Way Home’s impressive YouTube viewership was a testament to just how big of a release it ended up being. Now, it seems like Marvel Studios might have another big winner on its hands with Moon Knight going by its performance on YouTube.

As the Direct points out, the latest premiere trailer for an upcoming Disney+ series has garnered over a million likes. That’s not a small accomplishment, as the trailer was only released barely a week ago and has managed to get more attention than WandaVision (760K), Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s (433K), or even Loki‘s 695K likes. Until now, Hawkeye held the most likes with 915K, but none of the Disney+ series managed to pass that milestone until now. However, you have to keep in mind these are purely the numbers from Marvel Entertainment’s official account. There are plenty more sites that may show different numbers based on their audiences.

There’s definitely a case to be made that Oscar Isaac and a darker tone may have sold people on it. It felt closer to what we saw with Daredevil when it comes to tone, and that might just be the fresh take that viewers have been waiting for, especially on a family-friendly platform like Diseny+. Still, a relatively unknown character like Moon Knight beating out well-established characters is a testament to the synergy Marvel Studios is enjoying with their projects and the excitement for new takes on their ever-expanding franchise.

Source: YouTube, The Direct

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